​How To Decorate without breaking your bank account…

Human wants always tend to exceed human budget. Your insatiable as a student in a university will always swallow up the limited funds. This also applies to decoration which is one of our many wants.


Like it’s not enough to struggle to feed, buy clothes, then you are also expected to spend precious money on decorations. you instantly discard the thoughts of decorating your apartment, right?


I can relate. I used to feel the same way.


My lack of funds never stops me from thinking about how much better my apartment would look if they were decorated.


How then can you decorate your apartment on an extremely low budget?


Here are a few tested and trusted tips you can use to keep your home looking beautiful without breaking your bank account.


Paper-rate it: paper comes in very handy when decorating. All that’s needed is your creativity to transform mere paper into astonishing art.  What makes it all the easier is that paper is very cheap. Super cheap and useful. You can make use of copy papers, coffee filters, tissue paper and metallic tissue paper.  Not heard of the metallic tissue paper right?  Go check it out, it’s amazing.


Wallpapers don’t come cheap, crayons so!  : Yes, you heard me right!  Why go broke buying a wallpaper when you can get yourself a Crayola Dry Erase Bright Crayons?! Get them and draw up designs on your walls. Express yourself on your walls with the crayons. Another great thing about the crayons is that they stay on for long and whenever you think it is time to wipe them off, they don’t argue, they just come off easy.


Patience! Sales will start soon. : you will save some cash by buying from stores having sales.  You can get up to 50% discounts on the stuff you need. Sales don’t happen all the time hence the need for your patience. Your patience will eventually pay off. Just keep an eye out for stores having their sales.


Create a wall art of your own: the prices of wall arts lately is enough to make you lose interest in decorating your home. Why spend money on them at all?  Just make your own wall art. A few supplies and your time is all that’s needed.


Thrift: make it a date with the thrift stores. You could get lucky.  Also, find out about local yard sales in your neighborhood or town. Those yard sales could be exactly what you need.


Grift it: this simply means getting things as gifts. You’ve got to lock timidity up and ask people close to you for the things you need. They just might have that thing picking up dust in their basements and they would be happy to get it off their hands.


Frame free printables: this saves you a lot of money.  Look for cheap frames, and you are good to go.


Repurpose it:  an object can serve different purposes. Figure this out and put it to use.


Use plywood: same reason you use paper, plywood like paper also comes cheap and sometimes free.


By now, I hope my tips have changed your notion of having a lot of money before you can decorate. Go right ahead and apply the tips to keep you home looking beautiful and meaningful while your bank account stays healthy.  It’s a win-win situation!

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