Moving Out Made Easy

The phase of life when you finally move out of your parent’s house is exciting and deeply overwhelming at the same time. Getting the freedom, being independent and feeling all grown up is surely one of the best things in the life of college students. There is so much to pack, so much to do before leaving. Above all, are you ready for this journey?  Whether you are in Montreal or any other place, the tips given below will surely help you get ready.


  • Choose the location of your apartment wisely

Living alone for the first time could be a little difficult in the beginning. You might have issues with time management. Choose a location which is close to your university so that you can cut down on travel time and expenses.



  • Have realistic expectations when it comes to budget

You must keep some savings before moving out in case hidden expenses like security deposits, emergency requirements and other expenses may come up.



  • What’s for dinner, Mom?

This is something you cannot ask anymore. Grocery shopping and garbage dumping would just happen automatically at home without you noticing it. After you move to your own apartment, you need to support yourself.

Unless you have arranged your place and settled down, keep a stock of cereal, dry food items, ramen and other easy-to-prepare items.



  • Managing packing efficiently


  • Keep a separate overnight bag with all the essentials you will need for the first night at your place. This will come in handy because unpacking all the boxes will not happen in one day.


  • Start your packing early. Being overjoyed and excited could make you forget a thing or two. So start early and give your packing some time. Make a list of the things you will be taking and another list of the things you will sell or donate.


  • Label all your boxes and keep your stuff according to the category. For breakables and delicate items, wrap them in your clothes if you plan on saving bubble wrap.


  • Take pictures of your electronic gadgets and machines that have complex wiring. This will help you set them up quickly without having to remember everything.

Make informed decisions and never hesitate to ring your parents for suggestions.  It is a big decision that will unfold a new chapter in your life, so make sure you are confident and in high spirits!

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