Why Moving To Montreal Will Be Best Decision You’ll Make

Why Moving To Montreal Will Be Best Decision You’ll Make



Montreal is a gorgeous city filled with beautiful people and cultural history. In 2017, Montreal turned 375 years old, and the country itself turned 150 years old. Despite it is lit up with energy and of amazing folks who live there.

If you’re one of those who loves big and affordable cities, then Montreal is definitely the best place for you to be at. This city is filled with people with different ethnicity, a great nightlife, art and what not! Being a home for 4 million people, that is enough to say for a good reason to be there.


  • Transportation


Everyone will agree that Montreal’s got one of the best transportation services in Canada. Buses and metros reach nearly every edge in this city; even transit’s fees are one of the cheapest in the country itself. This sure would help you to not light up your pockets.


  • Cheap Rent


The rent is fairly lowest in Montreal. Compared to the house rents in Toronto or Vancouver, you might consider Montreal a better place to stay.


  • If You’re Student, Look No Further


If you’re a student, then you might want to stick to this place.  As per QS Top Universities, Montreal is ranked 7th best city for students to live in, and it is first among all the Canadian cities. Students always bring lots of life and energy to this city.


  • Geographical Advantages


It’s well known for everyone that Canada isn’t one of the short travel distances, on the other hand, Montreal is. It’s merely 2 hours away from the capital, Ottawa and just 3 hours drive from the city filled with magic, Quebec. This city is even not far away from New-York, Toronto, and Boston; you could reach there in just 8 hours driving hours.


  • Cities Beautiful Features


The city is full of beautiful architecture, surrounded by the mountains and beautiful skylines. The city has cobblestone roads which will throw you back in time for sure. Montreal is popularly known as 2 in 1 city. While mostly you’ll see people blooming in streets, store, and clubs, but there’s whole new world beneath the sidewalk of the city.

Being attached through the tunnels and metros, Montreal has a dozen of underground malls and restaurants, which are more than perfect for cold weather, and to spend a peaceful day.



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