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Our Management Services

Do you own a multi-residential property and you would like freedom from the complex and tedious management with constantly changing laws?

For 30 years, Cogéfimo has been there for their clients and takes on the responsibility of managing and administrating rental properties.

Our team will:

  • Provide an opinion of the market value of your property
  • Before buying a property we can offer you our opinion of the market value of this property
  • Provide an opinion on the physical state of the property

When we assume management of a new property we proceed with a complete evaluation of the physical state of the property. We determine any repairs that need to be done or foreseen in the future. We provide a detailed report of the verification and a realistic timetable to complete the work.

Collect and record all rent and income

Rent is collected on the first day of every month. Late payers are quickly contacted to avoid conflict situations.

Maintenance contracts

We offer maintenance services on a regular and emergency basis. Our personnel makes themselves available at all times for onsite service and surveillance.

Provide monthly operating reports

Our complete management is shown in our detailed monthly reports sent to the owners. Our clear and informative reports let you know exactly how your investment is doing and any important development.


With our team of financial and legal professionals we offer financial management including bank account administration, bank reconciliation, rent deposit, bill payments and general bookkeeping.

Restitution of legal proceedings

Our job is to take every necessary step to collect the monthly rent including, if necessary, legal resources without additional fees for the client.

All other services required

Find tenants

As soon as an apartment becomes vacant, every measure is used to insure its rapid rental, through newspaper and internet ads, for rent signs and flyers. Visits are conducted by our well trained and experienced staff. Every potential tenant must complete an application a pass a credit check.

Prepare leases and renewals

In a timeline established by the law, renewal notices are sent to every tenant. Rent increases are negotiated with tenants to come to a happy conclusion for all.

Manage repairs and renovations

Before an apartment is rented it is inspected to evaluate if it requires maintenance or repairs. Then, with the accord of the owner, all work is executed quickly and cost effectively so that the unit is rented as soon as possible. We assure the good condition of the apartments by regular maintenance, this way minimizing long tern damage.